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The Persian craft of Papier Mache travelled all the way to India in the 14th Century, along with the Iranians. Since then, not only has the scope of the craft expanded exponentially, but so has its design. The gul-andar-gul, bagaldar, gonder, gul-i-wilayat, chinar, gul-i-hazara, and kashaan are a few traditional motifs that continue to retain their timelessness even today. The contemporary Papier Mache art includes motifs inspired by Mughal paintings, folktales and Indian villages.  For us however the paper mache rooster was where it began and ended! The papier mache rooster with its gloss and intricate lines is what drew us to this art form and if you want to buy paper mache roosters, look no further The carefully constructed intricate patterns, glimmering hues, and magnificent colours of our Papier Mache rooster will truly ignite the hearts of one and all.