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Like most of the craft traditions, glass making in India is very old. We find its reference in the great epic of India, the Mahabharata. The art of glassware got great impetus during the medieval period. Mughal rulers provided patronage to the craft of glass making. The credit of introducing the art of glass engraving in India goes to the Mughals. The Mughal craftsmen excelled in making delicate foliated designs on glass objects. The present day glass making industry in India revolves around making items like bottles, bangles, beads, windows etc. We source our handicrafts from Ferozabad in Uttar Pradesh, the very epicentre of this artform. And we source glass roosters ofcourse. The art glass rooster artwork in glass is an amazing class act within itself. Place them near the window and you will love to see the light come filtering in through the glass roosters almost magically. These pieces of handcrafted glass roosters are handmade specially for those who love glass as a medium of art.