“The Parodarsh story began some 5000 years ago in Persia with Zarathustra, the first Prophet of the world. The Prophet  noted some amazing qualities about the rooster. He saw it as the harbinger of light, dispelling darkness each day with its voice. A bird who took care of his brood and fought till death if challenged to a duel. Always alert and focused, the bird actually followed the Threefold Path of Cosmic Order : Humata, Huxta, Huvarshta ( Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds).  

At Team Parodarsh, we took this forward and gave shape to hope, luck, positivity and good vibes through  timeless Indian handcrafted pieces showcasing legacy and regality of a Parodarsh. 

Bring one home today!”

Founder & Curator, Parodarsh


Each Parodarsh stands for light and positivity. Installing him in your house or office is a spiritual exercise of sorts. Look out for a spot which has light around it. Place him in a spot which allows him to watch over you. Make the sun fall over him if possible. Remember that a plant near him makes him feel more alive.

Ofcourse Feng Shui takes it to another dimension. It sees a rooster as a guardian against arguments and negative gossiping in the office space. Its presence helps you in building authority around you too. Place your Parodarsh behind your chair for the magic to unfold. For your living spaces, Feng Shui suggests that that you place your Parodarsh in the south direction facing the main door. Ofcourse its presence at the main door of your home is a sign of an alert and vigilant home.

Above all, let him sit where you can see him each day. He will fill your home with joy and hope; with good luck, happy tidings, positive energy and optimism. Here is wishing you a happy journey with your new friend, philosopher and guide!

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