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We wanted to get marble roosters from  Agra, the city which immortalized marble. It may be a stone rooster but ‘Pacchikari/Pietre dura’ or ‘inlay work’ the process of cutting marble and then engraving it with other coloured marble and materials makes these stones come alive. The origin of this craft goes takes us down the memory lane, all the way back to the Mughal era where it gained prominence. Today, the Taj Mahal of India is the biggest testimony for the sheer beauty, wonder, and timelessness embedded in this craft. The plain marble is adorned with a multitude of colours and semi-precious stones to add energy and vibrancy. Floral and geometric patterns cover the surface of the marble and add to the ravishing feel of the products. Despite the delicate appeal of the marble, the resistance and high durability of marble allows it to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor home décor products. This handcrafted marble rooster will being elan and class to your walls so shop marble roosters today!