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Ceramics and roosters go down centuries. Both have amazing histories of their own. Ceramics have indeed played an integral role in the socio-cultural sphere of life since time immemorial. One can find countless ceramic products all around, be it plates, tiles, or even pottery. Today in Parodarsh, we decided to take ceramic rooster art to the next level with ceramic rooster coffee mugs, ceramic rooster beer mugs, hand painted unique ceramic roosters, ceramic roosters in vintage finish and small and large sized ceramic roosters. Our ceramic rooster statues are all hand made and hand painted by award winning artists and the wide variety we have can cover your entire set of design needs- ceramic roosters for kitchen to ceramic roosters for your living room. The ceramic industry has carved out a unique space for itself in every part of the world but we chose to specialize in ceramic roosters for very special reasons. The exuberance of the ceramic rooster art lies in ability of the ceramic medium to capture the full glory of a rooster in all its majesty. The oldest ceramic known to mankind dates all the way back to the Palaeolithic Age, which only corroborates the undeniably integral space held by ceramics not just as a craft but also as a catalyst for artistically sustaining humanity. With a ceramic Parodarsh you are indeed bringing in a piece of ancient history.