Rooster Stained Glass Pattern


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Mosaic roosters and roosters in stained glass look like the most befitting combination of the medium and the subject. The craft of making a rooster in stained glass pattern involves assembling small pieces of coloured glass, stone and other materials to create this majestic and lucky bird. Many historians note that mosaic as an artform evolved from being a symbol of wealth and power, to being an instrument for decorating spaces. While ancient mosaics usually had religious connotations, today, mosaic goes above and beyond those connotations and can be found on a variety of items- all the way from a small earring to tiles that cover a house. The durability and sturdiness of this craft has earned it the reputation of being an ‘eternal picture.’ The iridescent colours of the mosaic coupled with the warm glow of the glass produce a prismatic experience for the consumers. When you bring this mosaic or stained glass rooster home you are bringing home a friend for your whole life.